Plexidor Pet Doors

Electronic Series

PlexiDor PDE Electronic Dog Door Series is the ultimate in convenience and security. It will accommodate dogs up to 125 pounds and all cats and can be installed into a standard household door.  

Using state of the art RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification Device), the sensor reads the pre-programmed code to automatically open and close for your dog only. This keeps other animals out. The waterproof collar key weighs less than an ounce, does not require batteries and snaps on your dog’s collar. 

You can adjust how long the panel remains open and how fast it closes. Simple one touch programming makes it easy to add or change thousands of codes. The PDE’s computer will not interfere with underground fences or home security systems.  

The hardened ABS panel slides up and down like a mini electronic garage door and doubles as a security door when inactive. A 1/4 inch steel deadbolt automatically engages when the door is closed. It is child and dog safe and will not close if obstructed. The motor and stainless steel lifting spring strap ensure strength and durability to operate in virtually every climate and environment.  

The hardened aluminum frames come in white or bronze finishes to coordinate beautifully with your appliances, interior walls, or floors. White and bronze frames have a baked on powder coated finish that is durable and scratch resistant just like the appliances in your home.  

The PlexiDor PDE Electronic Dog Door plugs into a standard household outlet or it can be hardwired. An 18 volt transformer with a six foot power cord and surge protector is included.  

Your PDE dog door can be used right out of the box. Just plug it into an outlet. To hardwire the PDE, contacting a local installer or electrician is recommended.  

Easy to program and even easier to use, the PlexiDor PDE Electronic Dog Door will provide years of trouble free use and enjoyment for your family and your dog.  

PlexiDor PDE Electronic Performance Dog Doors come with a five year limited residential warranty.  

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