Pet fence Pro System

Save your dogs from frustrated behaviors that come with physical containment such as barking, chewing & digging. Give your cats maximum freedom while keeping them safe. 

Offering you peace of mind, Pet Stop Canada is your best choice for a pet fence system.  

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Less expensive and way more effective than physical fencing your dogs/cats will be happier and healthier with our pet fence system. 

Pet Stop Canada’s pet fence system is an affordable solution for keeping your pets running free, playing safe and healthy for life. 

Here are some examples of common installations:

1 Acre property with one pet – $1600 to $2300 based on your choice of receiver (collar)

5 acre property with two pets – $2400.00 to $3450.00 based on your choice of receivers

10 acre property with two pets – $2700 to $3800 based on your choice of receivers

Prices will vary based on installation location and difficulty.  For a free no obligation quote, contact us today.

Our system surrounds your property with a wall of radio signal that your pet can’t run through, dig under or jump over. Because they can’t see the radio signal they think there is nothing to get out of and give up trying. 

Our system is customizable to any size or shape property. 

The heavy-duty boundary wire is manufactured in Canada and comes with a lifetime corrosion guarantee and is perfectly suited for both above ground or buried installation.   

The collar your pet wears (receiver) is lightweight and super comfortable for your cat or dog to wear all day.  The receiver has 100’s of setting combinations to perfectly suit their temperament and personality, including both puppy training mode and tough dog settings 

We offer the best support in the business including our lifetime equipment guarantee and our containment guarantee.   

Based in Calgary, Alberta, we service all of Canada.  Our client care and installation teams are always just a phone call away.

Call us today for a free quote and to learn how we can keep your pets running free and playing safe.