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318 – 7 Street NW, Calgary, Alberta

Chris Marsh
Great customer service
Cory Wagner
We've had our PetStop system on our acreage for 15 years, it's still going strong. Nothing but good things to say about the service they continue to give us today.
Robert Austin
Updated: Receive fantastic service from Tim and Amanda. Ordered a new collar for our puppy and it wasn't working. Turns out there was a short in the twisted part of the line (had nothing to do with the collar) that Tim diagnosed over the phone and based on his direction I was able to slice out the bad part of the line. Great service and recommended.
Alice C
Pet Stop Canada and Plexidor US came through for me big time! When my dog door broke and I wasnโ€™t able to reach the original installer, Plexidor US connected me with Amanda from Pet Stop Canada who reached out to me right away to help. Not only did she ship out the part free of charge the very next morning, but assured me that it was easy to repair and if I had any questions or problems with the installation that I could give her a call. Amanda was so friendly and cheerful to speak to and put me at ease. What topped it off was the pleasant hand written note and small gift she sent with the spring kit for the door. Thank you so much Amanda and Pet Stop Canada for going above and beyond and turning my despair into a wonderful experience!
Kelly McCool
We have been customers for over 13 years and I can't say enough good things about Tim and his team. They are responsive in service calls and have always kept us up and running in this crazy weather in Alberta.
Brad Wutzke
The owner is the cutest guy around.
Andrea Hall (Epic SCAR)
Tim truly cares about your pets and your family
Maurice Broer
My wife and I had the pleasure of getting Pet Stop Calgary on site Aug 2012 on our RV property near Bergen, AB. The came put wires in ground through tree roots, dirt, gravel and grass. Damage to ground was repaired on its own in 3 weeks. They taught us everything we needed to known to train our old girls and change settings on transmitter. Our girls were trained in no time. 5 star service for that. We later had an issue with a collar, which was in need of repair. They replaced it for us with a small charge attached as with that we were ungraded to a the newest technology. 5 Star service for that. Recently we had some landscaping work done and I had forgotten completely about the buried wire. So I contacted Wyatt at Pet Stop Calgary for some wire, which he had in stock. He also gave me exact instruction on how to find the break using the dog collar itself and changing a setting on transmitter panel. With in minutes I had discovered that we did not actually hit the wire and with that did not need the wire anymore. I called Wyatt and he happily said he would take the spool of wire back. 5 Stars for that. Honestly the associates in the Calgary Pet Stop are all very helpful and very knowledgeable. I would recommend pet stop and their pet fence system to anyone. We lost our two girls but have a new puppy that we are going to start training. I know if we have issues Pet Stop is a phone call away. And will solve my issues. That is worth 5 stars as well. Thank you Wyatt and the team at Pet Stop. Maurice B
Genevieve Phillips
I had my cat Esme put on a Pet Stop system when she was about 6 months old as she started to follow neighbourhood cats over several properties and then got caught in a cat trap that ended up in the hands of the pet police, which is what alerted me to the extent of her travels. It was a very expensive business getting her released from jail. Tim worked out an affordable system for me and we put her on an Ecolite LINK receiver that works from my phone app so I can check on her if I need to. She has never left the property since. It's been a couple of years almost now, and I just moved Esme and me to a bigger yard and the system is still keeping her at home.
Randy Hill
I have been with petstop for many many years and it works terrific and the service is excellent. I highly recommend them๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘