Featured Pet Partners

Pet Stop Canada partners with many other pet professionals to help keep your pets running free, playing safe and living healthy.

We work with dog trainers, groomers, veterinary clinics and more to help provide your family with healthy solutions for a life time of happiness.

Here are a few of the featured partners we work with on a regular basis.

Vast International Pets

Vast International Pets is the Pet Lover’s Travel Coordinator.  Specializing in pet friendly travel VIP helps pet parents explore the world.  Whether travelling with your pet or just wanting a travel agent who understands you, VIP is available to help.

Calgary, Alberta | Serving All of Canada

Pro K9 Dog Training

Service dogs are canines who have been trained to possess special skills that cater to their handler’s unique needs. Therapy and service dogs improve the quality of life for those suffering from mental illness and/or physical disabilities. These types of dogs work in hospitals, retirement homes, long-term care facilities, schools, or as a companion to someone in need of individual support.

We’re able to supply both the dog as well as training for you as the handler. Official certificates are available for service dogs.

Howden Manitoba| Serving Winnipeg & Area

Justice Kennels

Justice Kennels offers obedience training.

JUSTICE KENNELS is operated and owned by Elizabeth Karp. With over 24 years experience she is well qualified. Elizabeth has competed in field trials with her dog years ago and won “number one dog in Canada” for her age.

Located near Strathmore, Alberta.

Strathmore, Alberta | Serving All of Alberta

AK9 Dog Training

Offering in home dog training as well as boarding services AK9 is available to help.  

For any age, any breed and any beaviour!

Vaughn, Ontario | Serving the GTA

Source K9


Is he acting unruly, behaving poorly and running your life?  Is she pulling on the leash, barking, jumping up? Does he have aggression issues?  Are you worried it’s only a matter of time before another dog or person gets hurt?

 Take control and change the narrative with our dog training and rehabilitation program.

Duncan, BC | Serving Vancouver Island

Nurtured K9

We love helping dog owners reach their full potential. From assisting with recall, leash work,  and puppy training we try our best to ensure we maximize training opportunities.

We proof behaviours in different locations, under different distractions and pressures so you can be confident your dog will listen to you no matter the distraction.

With consistency and patience on both ends we can work towards you having a dog that you’ve always dreamed of having.

St. Albert, Alberta | Serving Edmonton & Area

Ringneck Kennels

The obedience program at Ringneck Kennels takes about one month to complete. The dogs stay during this time. 

During the month, your dog will learn sit, stay, come and heel. He will know this so well that by the end of the month you can take him out with 50 dogs and he will still come. You will be able to call him off the chase of a rabbit or bird and even a small child will be able to walk the dog. He will also be trained to come on a special whistle.

Strathmore, Alberta | Serving All of Alberta

Konfident Kanines

Konfident Kanines adheres to a balanced training approach focused on establishing a reliable partnership between you and your dog that is founded on the building blocks of trust, respect confidence and loyalty. K

KI’s proven methodology will open the doorway to a whole new learning experience while you gain a new appreciation of why dogs behave in certain ways and more importantly, what role you may be playing in contributing to your dogs behaviour.

Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that kindness is powerful and never weak. An effective balance of kindness, skill, and years of experience equates to a balanced and structured training philosophy geared towards uniting a dog and his handler.

Calgary, Alberta | Serving Calgary & Area

Dog Squad

Have a new puppy or dog? Or an existing member of the family you want to meet some new goals with?

Problems with: Distractions, Pulling on leash, Coming when called, Aggression, Fearfulness, Digging, Chewing, Nipping, Jumping, and/or Barking?

Want to do purpose training like tracking, or learning how to train your own service dog?

 Maybe you’ve been through multiple trainers without success?

Whatever dog training goals you have…

 We Can Help You!

Calgary, Alberta | Serving Calgary & Area

Sunshine Pet Supplies

Sunshine Pet Supplies is the Okanagan’s longest running Natural Pet Food Store! 

We Carry a large variety of Natural Dry and Raw pet foods : Natura products, Acana, Orijen, Pets Go Raw, Mountain Dog and much more! 

Sunshine Pet Supplies mission since we opened was to provide the best customer service, a fountain of knowledge, and quality products. We specialize in Natural animal health only. In the ways of food, treats, toys, accessories and much more. 

We take pride in being able to provide your animals with healthy products and a natural lifestyle. Yes animals have been domesticated for quite sometime but there mind, and body have never changed. We are a committed and passionate business, we stand strong in what we carry. We carry a wide variety of Natural foods from Canadian to some US. Here at Sunshine Pets we go by 6 simple rules

Kelowna, BC| Serving Kelowna & West Kelowna