3 - 2 - 1 ... Countdown to Savings

This countdown promotion is to say thanks for helping us keep your dogs & cats running free and playing safe in the community. To say "thank you", we collaborated with our suppliers to create a 20 % savings on a complete system install

10%Saving on Equipment
5%Saving on installation
5%Saving on Bulk Teflon Boundary Wire

Total System Savings

PETSTOP Canada.com3 3 houses within your community
PETSTOP Canada.com2 20 % discount
PETSTOP Canada.com1 1 day installation

What if I don't think this community promotion applies to me... of course it does!

What if.....

...There is already wire at the property ?
No problemo! Save 10 % on equipment

...I can't round up 3 people for the discount ?
No problemo! You still can save 10 % or more

...My friend is not in the promotion community?
No problemo! Install savings may not apply, but you could save 15%

...I just need new or upgraded equipment?
No problemo! Save 10 %