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We are the Dog Fence Experts with over 20 years in the industry

Invisible Dog Fence Brand Compatible

Why Choose Us?

  • 100 % Dog Containment Warranty
  • Low-Stress Training
  • Gentle Steps Training/Puppy mode guarantees your client's dog will respect his new boundaries
  • Owner-friendly Settings & Controls
  • Multiple Dog programming
  • Made in North America
  • Lifetime Warranty on entire system

How Much Does Pet Stop Cost?

Cost depends on the number of pets, size of install, equipment purchased. We tailor a solution to your specific dog, yard, home and budget. If you need it now, we can give you a price over the phone. If not we would love to meet you and your dog in person.

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The PetStop® Quality Guarantee

How Does Pet Stop Work indoors?

Our pet fence Products work indoors exactly like they do outdoors. Our indoor units are portable and double as outside containment systems so You can take your dog with you on vacation. This portable option is exclusive to Pet Stop Brand only.

Will the system work with any dog?

Yes, Pet Stop brand has hundreds of Program options, the most in the Industry. Dogs from 10 weeks are Safely contained... smallest to BIGGEST! No matter the breed, size or temperament we work with every dog in any installation even lake and water installations. We customize our training and technology specifically to your dog and underground dog fence system ensuring a successful result.

What does the correction feel like?

The correction levels are programmable so that the pulse is Progressive. Some distractions are less and some are great like a rabbit in the yard. The Progressive Nature of our programming starts as a "tickle" and is progressively stronger to the point the dog turns back into his yard. Each pulse is equal to the level of the distraction guaranteeing safe containment for any dog in every situation.

Multiple Dog programming

For families with more than one dog, Pet Stop allows you to match the sensitivity of each collar or vary it if necessary. This is particularly important for pets of different sizes (even cats) or for those who may need to stay farther behind the boundary than another pet. Pet Stop features one of a kind innovation and programming.

Our Programming options allow Progressive Pulse&tm;, activation delay, & 8-second activation's and are compatible with other brands (Exclusive to the Pet Stop Brand Underground Dog Fence Systems)

Worry-Free Lifetime Warranty

On Your equipment, your installation and your dog's containment, 1-800 Pet Stop's Warranty is unmatched by Invisible Fence or by Dog Watch, ask our competition when they come out to give their bid price. Not all Lifetime warranties are created equal, with Pet Stop, you will never buy another dog fence component for any reason unless you lose your dog's receiver. >

Is the Pet Stop Brand Safe?

Absolutely safe, Pet Stop systems are technologically, state of the art solutions to your pet containment needs. We use only a "Gentle Steps" approach and come highly recommended by veterinarians in Western Canada. We've installed over 2000 pet fences all over Western Canada.

Give us a Call today! Pet Stop Canada(1-800-668-2812)

Low-Stress Training

A unique feature of Pet Stop's underground dog fence systems, is GentleSteps™ utilizing extremely low & adjustable stimulation levels, to train your pet faster and with less of the stress normally associated with other fence training methods. In fact, it is so effective that some of the nation's leading dog trainers use Pet Stop Ultra series systems exclusively for their choice in pet fencing

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