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Pet Stop Guarantee Terms

Terms and Conditions of the Pet Stop Guarantee

Pet Stop Guarantee

“If you can find a more advanced pet fence system, we’ll buy it for you”

This offer is conditional upon a Customer (hereinafter “Customerâ€?), receiving a written quote (hereinafter “Initial Price Quoteâ€?) for a Pet Stop, pet fence system, installation from an authorized Pet Stop Dealer (hereinafter “Companyâ€?) and, within ten (10) days of receiving Initial Price Quote, presenting to Company competing manufacturer’s published printed materials that list specific product features of the competitor’s pet fence transmitter and receiver that exceeds those offered by the Pet Stop system as constituted by the total number of combined programmable settings. Upon Company finding that the material presented by the customer does indeed verify that the combined total of programmable settings of a competitor’s transmitter and receiver exceeds those of the Pet Stop transmitter and receiver, then the Company shall be obligated to either:

  • Reimburse the Customer’s cost to purchase the competing manufacturer’s system, cost not to exceed $900 provided that installation of said competitive system and written proof of such is provided to Company within 60 days of Company’s Initial Price Quote.
  • Provide and install one Pet Stop transmitter and one receiver, standard machine installed wire up to eight hundred (800) feet, and basic training for one dog.

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